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Wildflower (Live)

Performed by Tomike and Omo Aston

Zak Higgins on Guitar

Pio Hartnett on Keys and Backing Vocals 

Shot by Bekah Molony & Rachel O

Edited by Bekah Molony

Shot for the (Digital) Liverpool Sound City

Dancing in the Distance

A Lockdown Love Story 

Original Score by Paul Dijkman

Starring Eri Farrell and Kelly H.

Special Thanks to Niamh Regan

Shot in Dublin during the COVID Pandemic

Henrietta Street

This documentary looks at the history of tenements in Dublin over a 100 year period. Tour guide, Tracey Bardon, discusses the lives of those who dwelled in 14 Henrietta Street during this time. 

Shot in the 14 Henrietta Street Museum

Drogheda Animal Rescue

An interview with Paula Warnock, a volunteer at an Irish animal rescue, discusses pet abandonment, puppy farms and the importance of 'adopt, don't shop'.

Shot in the studio at Griffith College Dublin

A Forgotten Place


This documentary looks at the history of a beloved market, discusses the plans for the market’s refurbishment and asks whether these plans will go ahead, or if the market will simply become forgotten.


Shot in DCC Fruit Market on Mary’s Lane

Dublin: A City in Snow


A short film to document the snowstorm known as the "Beast from the East"


Shot in Dublin, March 2018

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